Allegan mi zip code

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In the city, the age distribution of the population shows After decades entertaining the people of Allegan, the Regent closed in the early s. City services[ edit ] Allegan maintains a comprehensive hour hospital system Allegan General Hospital and is served in community policing by both City of Allegan police and the Sheriff's Department of Allegan County, also headquartered within the Allegan City limits. The average household size was 2.

Allegan mi zip code

There were 1, housing units at an average density of The previous courthouse, a magnificent structure incapable of meeting the growing office space needs of the city, was leveled in favor of a modern structure that serves as Allegan County's courthouse today. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2. For every females age 18 and over, there were Allegan Area Arts Council[ edit ] Established in , the Allegan Area Arts Council is a vibrant organization that sponsors various artistic activities in and around Allegan. In , during a violent rainstorm, the roof collapsed causing massive damage just an hour after the last movie of the night let out. In December , the "Art Hop" was very well attended, and will become an annual event. The Second Street Bridge served also as an ideal "second chance" for Allegan residents to gain footing against progressive construction. Owners of distinctive Allegan homes are often well-versed in the history of their houses, with stories passing from owner to owner, generation to generation. In it employed 5, people in the United States, England and Mexico. City planners often commented the downtown district would be better served by a more modern, two-lane structure, a common progressive view that has resulted in the demise of thousands of historic structures nationwide. In the City of Allegan gave its unique architectural history a back seat to progress and demolished its then year-old Richardsonian Romanesque styled courthouse. The downtown business district of Allegan falls among some of the best preserved small-town residential districts in America. Focus on preservation of the downtown business district and timeless residential homes has continued as a theme in Allegan since the two-year bridge restoration — The only noticeable modifications are the installation of wood in the decking of the bridge, reduction of traffic to one lane and the installation of traffic lights at both ends. Used as a two-lane bridge until discussions about its demise began in the s, the City of Allegan experienced an unprecedented and consistent outcry not to demolish its most prominent downtown trademark. Allegan received national recognition in the form of The National Historic Preservation Award, one of fifteen such recipients in the United States. The late Streamline era marquee, with its only decoration being a large white star, is lit with neon and light bulbs. Dozens of homes built in the 19th century and early 20th century remain much as they existed at their construction; homes with porches suitable for carriage ingress and egress are spectacularly preserved. The County of Allegan comprises 24 incorporated townships, most maintaining their own system of city schools, emergency services and local law enforcement. The city is served by Padgham Field , a small general aviation airport with one paved asphalt runway and one turf runway. In the s, the Regent received an Art Deco facelift, including a cream-colored vitreous marble facade with red and green highlights. As a result of community efforts and the successful application for federal grants, the Second Street Bridge was renewed for likely another century of service. It is not uncommon to hear exactly which political power, war hero or business magnate stayed within the walls of these beautiful Allegan homes. The median age was 35 years. The Perrigo company was founded here in

Allegan mi zip code

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