Amber alert mesa az

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Be aware that this may leave a notification with no endpoints assigned if the CAP service was the only endpoint. The notification is using text to speech. It would be very difficult to match on this type of data since it changes with every alert. Optional Set filtering criteria:

Amber alert mesa az

AMBER alerts tend to use parameters to provide as much detail as possible about the abduction such as descriptions of the car, what the child was wearing at the time, where the child was last seen, etc. In this scenario, you'll want to make sure the delay is long enough to play the audio and display the text. Typically, you aren't going to filter on parameter values. Create one notification triggered by multiple CAP services. You can view tags and endpoints assigned to notifications on the Manage Notifications page by clicking View Tags. Dispatch Delay Seconds — Many devices such as phones and speakers can't receive more than one alert at a time. I can then create a separate notification for all of my Arizona CAP services. Enter a descriptive name that helps you identify the area you're monitoring for alerts. I can create one notification and assign all three services as triggers. Tweaking the Message Template You can add your own static text to the Message template title and body. For details on how to set up notifications, see the Manage Notifications topic. You want to make sure you've given enough time for the system to convert the incoming AMBER alert to speech and then playing it. For multi-site organizations, you could also assign the Oregon Missing Children alert to the Portland site and the Arizona Missing Children alert to the Arizona site. Here are some scenarios where you will likely need a longer delay period than the second default value: Ignore Contact Methods since we're just sending this alert to endpoints. For multi-site organizations only, do one of the following: If several AMBER alerts are received at once, alerts need to be spaced apart so your endpoints can receive all of them. The goal of an AMBER Alert is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of these children. Do one of the following: The notification that's triggered includes a stored audio file that plays before the alert is displayed. Optional Set filtering criteria: And, I create a second notification with just Mesa office endpoints and with the Arizona service as a trigger. It would be very difficult to match on this type of data since it changes with every alert. You have multiple different CAP services triggering a notification, and therefore have the potential of several alerts triggering the notification at the same time. I only want endpoints in my Portland office to receive alerts for children missing from Oregon, and I only want endpoints in my Mesa office to receive alerts for children missing from Arizona. If you simply remove the CAP service as a trigger from notifications, the trigger will still report on the Sent Notifications page. Leave the General Settings at the defaults.

Amber alert mesa az

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