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High Holy Days 5774 2013 Bulletin

5774                               2013
Congregation Shaare Zedek
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The Talmud states ( Tractate Yoma 85b) that Yom Kippur serves to atone for sins which
man commits directly against Hashem.  However, Yom Kippur does not atone for sins
between man and his fellow until he has actually attained the forgiveness of the injured
or insulted person.

On Yom Kippur we stand in judgment before Hashem and ask forgiveness for our sins.  
There is one group of sins, however, that permeates almost all of our activities for
which no forgiveness is being offered.  This is the area known as "bein adam l'chaveiro
- between man and his fellow man," personal relationships, for which judgment is
passed, but for which no atonement can be achieved until the wronged party is

This is something which we often overlook.  Many of us, as the masters of mussar
(teachers of Jewish ethical values) have pointed out, are very careful concerning our
relationship with Hashem.  If we do something wrong, we truly regret having committed
that sin.  However, when it comes to our relationships with our fellow human beings it is
a completely different story.  As a great sage so appropriately stated, "We are extremely
careful about what goes into our mouths, but not with what comes out."  We don't
realize that speaking against someone else is wrong.  It's our way of life - everybody
does it.  What we must seriously understand and appreciate, especially on Yom Kippur,
is that this is the wrong attitude.  Our relationships with our fellow human beings are
just as important as our relationship with Hashem.

Let us try to make an effort in our dealings with each other to be more sensitive, kind
and understanding.  Through this merit, G-d will deal with us in a similar manner.

Shoshana and I and Rachel Leah, Sarah Temima , Ezra Joseph and Boaz Eliezer would
like to wish the entire congregation a happy and healthy New Year.



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