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There will be no services 2/22 - help needed with repairs

There will be no services this Shabbat Parshas Vayakel on Saturday February 22, 2014.

There is still no water in the building. The latest estimate by the plumber to fix the leaking fire connector is about $1100.

We do not have the money, baruch haShem we will raise this money to be able to have Shabbos services on March 1, 2014.

On that date:

(1) Parshat Shekalim is read

(2) Birkat HaChodesh for the new month Adar II

(3) It's also Shabbos Chazak (“Chazak, Chazak V’nitchazeik” said at the end of each book of the Sefer Torah serves as a motivator for us to continue in, both literally and figuratively, the next chapter in our lives)

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