Bell 4100 receiver not working

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This will force the reciever to reset, and tends to solve lots of problems with the bells. I was having some issues with my sat and I unplugged the receiver and it reset things and it worked again The first gen dual tuners were terrible, and the new gen dual tuners we have are worse.

Bell 4100 receiver not working

Even if it was a tv question. I put some tape over the middle eye and now I have about three feet of range instead of an inch! If it is a bell PVR reciever, well, there isnt much I can help you with there. I have bell recievers, and the tends to be a headache at times. After this, the machine will either be fixed, or still acting up. When they are both on, the remote for the receiver won't work unless you hold it within an inch of the receiver. A call must be made to Bell, they will have to remove the receiver from the account, re-attach it to the account, and then send a "hit" to get it working. It is an older equipped with a SmartCard. A quick check of my working confirmed that my old needed a software upgrade from E to E If I turn the tv off, the receiver remote works from anywhere in the room? Mine was an ancient bell reciever so i just went and got a new reciever as I was due for one anyhow. If it a new unit just return it to the provider may not be convenient. It turned out that one of the units emits an IR field that screws up the other. At this point the reciever has performed what is called a hard start. Full Curl , Did you go into system set up and change anything? Hope this helps, if not google your brands at the same time. We have fixed this by hard starting them to wake them up, but it still isnt a fix. Have you tried contacting customer support?! I'd just contact customer support tech support and see if they can assist you This will force the reciever to reset, and tends to solve lots of problems with the bells. I haven't changed anything other than the tv. Our most recent trouble has been recievers losing satellite signal. He solved it by putting a piece of tape over one of the eyes on his PVR. Hopefully she shows me how to use it one day:

Bell 4100 receiver not working

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