History of Congregation Shaare Zedek in West New York, NJ

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Bereisheit: In the Beginning

On "Palestine" Avenue: Our Heyday

Fond memories of going to shul with my grandfather

When I was a little girl, my great grandmother lived across the street from
your shul (late 1950s - early 1960's)  I have fond memories of going to your
shul with my grandfather, Albert Dwork, and having to go upstairs to sit in the women's
section.  Those ladies were always nice to me;  I especially liked visiting
there with my grandfather.  A few years ago my mother, sister and I drove
around the neighborhood returning to the places of my mother's youth in
Hudson County.  I was surprised to see that there is still a synagogue in the

sent to us by Elyse Landesberg

Henoch Richman Beth Hamedrash Dedication May 21, 1961

Our Beth Hamedrash was dedicated to Henoch Richman,

whose descendants the Kaminsky family are still active members.

In 2011, the Beth Hamedrash was rededicated to Henoch Richman's youngest son, Harry Richman.

Read more about the Richman family

On the "West Bank" of the Hudson River Today: Still Alive and Well

Harry Richman

Harry Richman at the bimah of Shaare Zeek in West New York, NJ
Harry Richman, In Memoriam, Congregation Shaare Zedek, West New York, NJ
In 2011, the main sanctuary was rededicated in memory of the late Mr. Harry Richman.
Harry was the youngest of 10 children of our shul's founder, Hanoch Richman.
The Beth Hamedrash had been dedicated to his father Hanoch Richman on May 21, 1961.
His love and dedication to our congregation helped sustain us through hard times.
Harry was loved and respected not only by our congregation, but by all families throughout the city of West New York. Anyone who needed a helping hand knew that they could count on Harry Richman.
Beth Hamedrash dedication


Teshuvah and more

I was not raised in the Orthodox Tradition. Several years ago I moved to the area, and a friend told me about a synagogue where they invited him for meals when he did not have enough to eat. We started going regularly, and I became involved in the fight to save our property from theft, I am glad we won, mostly thanks to Dan and Alan Kaminsky, multi-generational members and descendants of Henoch Richman.

Since I am a professional Web Programmer I volunteered to build and maintain the web site.

I'm still learning about Judaism and what it means to me, I think that is a process that hopefully goes on our entire lives :D

In 2014 my wife Arlene died. She was buried in the Talmud Torah section of Mt. Moriah Cemetery. I purchased two plots side-by-side, eventually we all go to our rest.