Crazy making behavior

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It is because of my healthy home-life that I realized how unacceptable my recent work environment was and why I made the decision to resign. So, when Rudy told Andy he was planning on attending a personal growth workshop, Andy gave him a crazy making response: Andy fears that if Rudy continues to grow emotionally and spiritually, Rudy will no longer be interested in spending time with Andy, since Andy has no interest in personal growth. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Instead of discussing, arguing even, apologising, clarifying or whatever, their next and subsequent responses are about becoming the victim again, possibly through what they consider their best lines of defense — guilting and attacking.

Crazy making behavior

Did I imagine that they were the one to cross my boundaries? They are geared to get Kathy back into the fold, back into being controlled by her parents. You must be working too hard. But you can stop the cycle. Margaret Paul for her Day at-home Course: One of his old friends, Andy, is very threatened by the changes he sees in Rudy. Regardless of whether you want to be the victim or not, in their mind, there is only one victim and one ego. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Rita ends up feeling confused, frustrated and angry. Or, worse, in my opinion, they act happy and carefree but glare at you and make you feel two inches tall without knowing why or receiving acknowledgment that they glared at you. Anything you say is lies and distortion. Manipulation Passive Aggressive This statement is something I have remembered throughout all the years whenever I start asking myself if I am crazy. It's behavior that on the surface is saying one thing but underneath is really saying something else. Suggest a correction MORE: Crazymaking people never give you the straight truth. They blame you for their ugliness and credit themselves for their good behavior. When are you going to stop using God as a crutch and get back to reality? Excuse me, when you call them on their lies. However, she comes from a family that is threatened by her success. The result is that Stanley has put their family into a lot of debt. Then I remind myself to really look at the sources that are making this false statement. I think that is what hurts most of all that as a mother I cannot protect my daughter from being a pawn in these sick games. None of the behaviour of someone who pulls this crazy making bullshit on you is normal. It is behavior that is not logical, not based on truth but on manipulating the other person into feeling wrong and changing their behavior. The tone will change, possibly gradually or dramatically. You question yourself because the abuser is so convinced of your immorality i.

Crazy making behavior

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  1. With someone whose comfort zone is victim, asserting your boundaries is seen as disrespecting theirs, even though they have little or no respect for yours.

  2. Crazymakers try to warp your reality so you begin to feel insecure and indecisive. The crazy maker is off the hook once you become reactive to the crazy making.

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