Discarded by a narcissist

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I want you to think about this. But I do know that their discard of us has given them just another scenario for playing the victim, sobbing on the shoulder of the poor sap of a codependent who now plays the role we used to play. I guess we never knew Lenora was such a horrible person.

Discarded by a narcissist

We no longer stroked their ego. Still, hope springs Eternal, right? He dotes on us as much as we dote on him… …for awhile. Often, what appears to be a discard is simply a tactic used by almost all narcissists who are no longer in the love bombing phase with a primary supply source. We could no longer be brainwashed. Narcissists always choose sweet, warm, caring people. So, she went over as he requested to his house. We heard them say it of their own free will, over and over again. Utter complete, confusing, gut-wrenching shock. Or you may be physically unable to do, well, nearly everything for them because of illness or accident. To you, the horrific discard seems intensely personal, cruel, and callous. Why were you so easily discarded? They divorce, oust, cast aside. Or you may have come across the concept of codependence, grown a ball or two and a barbed-wire topped boundary fence. Ah, how well I remember watching a scapegoated family member go through it. If they were narcissists, they would not write back. The minute the conquest was achieved, kaput. In my case, I used it as a litmus test. But, the actions of the narcissist are out of the realm that the normal people will ever do. So, they, they do this to everyone and this is not just a personal story, this is a fact. If they loved me and had humility, they would write back and want to know the core dynamic. And he smashed his face into the wall, bleeding everywhere, and he called the police and had her arrested. I guess we never knew Lenora was such a horrible person. What a ridiculous way to live! We could no long be bribed with money and gifts. Once they catch us, mark us as a complete forward pass on their scorecard, get what they need, next comes The Great Discard aka de-valuing.

Discarded by a narcissist

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