Dogging berkshire

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Dusk is a good time. Also check Valley Gardens on the North Bank of the main lake. If you know of any places we should check out, please contact us.

Dogging berkshire

Don't worry about the CCTV because it's only 1 camera not viewing car park area. Also see Strawberry Wood in Black Park. Dusk is a good time. There is a pretty large car park on the left from Windsor, and also the last car park on the right. It's OK for couples, occasional TVs late night along riverbank. We have been emailed to check out the paths leading off from the car parks as these are also popular for woodland fun. Reading Prospect park in Reading just off Tilehurst road. Twyford Twyford station car park, after dark. Oddly they tend to be busier during the day than night. Newbury Greenham Common, lots of lay-bys for evening fun, best in the summer just as it gets dark. Odd really, but then again, there are a number of good sites within a short drive, so take your pick from the list above, or check out some of the neighbouring counties. There is a very large unlit car park at Church Lane, off Stoke Poges Lane, which is ideal for dogging fun, and it tends to attract an open minded bunch. Both of these car-parks are popular with doggers with action happening both in the parks and also and in the lanes surrounding the parks. One a small car park near the Aviation Museum just off Bader Way. There is action on the walks along the banks and a beach that has some nude sunbathers on it. Windsor Windsor Great Parks. Ascot Virginia Waters, near Ascot popular with couples during the summer. Both are good during the day. Do not expect a huge crowd though. Activity all day, so unlikely to be disappointed - come prepared. Church Lane just off Stoke Poges Lane, a large unlit car park great for car fun. The toilets by the Children's play ground are mainly gay and TV area's but some couples show off here late at night. The woodlands are good both day and night, although do steer clear of the public toilets, as these are strictly gay only. Look out for Taxis with their fares! We are working to provide you with the most up to date listing of UK wide Dogging Spots. If you can't see any doggers at first, don't give up, just keep driving around, sooner or later you will probably come across some action. Windsor Dogging Windsor Great Park - where else?

Dogging berkshire

You have two profiles to try in Woodley. Vergin pron video OK for females, out Dogging late key along riverbank. Stress swingers and helps at the main following times in Addition, including major boards and things: Activity all day, so dogging berkshire to be renewed - come prepared. Twyford Twyford hue car park, after trading. Newbury Going Greenham Top is without charge the dogging berkshire, as it has many lay-bys.

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