Girl jap young girl sex

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But this article it's about childrens' sexual exploitation in Indonesia, and my comment was related to the topic By a Japanese man, which makes my comment also related to the topic. But in Thailand they do have other options. Not my experience from travels, many underage talliances, GF for the duration of holiday many lured into marriage to bring family overseas, many more.

Girl jap young girl sex

Passports revoked, jail time, sex offender registry. This is why I spoke in general about how it's a well known fact that the main clients of children exploitation in developing Countries are from the so called "first world Countries", and not all of them are treating the problem properly. I am not sure which age governments from Australia or UK use to prosecute, the age of consent in the offenders country or the age of consent in the country the person has had sex. So I got two downvotes for the above comment. It looks a too much weak penalty. There's a huge double standard between how laws are applied inside and out of a Country, even though the crime is the same. But alas I see many falling in the trap what happens on Holiday, stays on Holliday. I wonder if the posters had a problem the idea of me giving an earful to guys who use underage prostitutes, or if they had a problem with me not giving an earful to guys for something legal. This is why I said in my first post that the whole world should take way more seriously this problem. My point is, their are plenty of sick perverts who create a market from foreign countries. There is a good free home out there called 'The Flinch' aimed at boxers as that is the 1st hurdle they need to overcome. Rather than creating laws needed , how about researching why people are attracted to younger members both sexes. The country where crime occurred could ask for extradition since it happened in that country. People are often attracted to younger people because youth is the peak of physical fitness, but attracted to CHILDREN, who are not yet emotionally or physically matured, is a different story. Yep, non-citizens in Japan have no domestic guarantee of their human rights. Fortunately, as I said, this man was caught in Indonesia. I hope he gets life. Not my experience from travels, many underage talliances, GF for the duration of holiday many lured into marriage to bring family overseas, many more. Create more equality between the sexes so females aren't victimized by males. Go to any of the major stops in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa and you'll have plenty of girls mostly Chinese hassling you for massage or a 'special' massage. D If they get caught doing the same thing in Australia they will be facing years in prison and go onto the child sex offenders' list. Create more economic equality in the world so pimping and prostituting aren't as attractive. Fact, people on holiday have more sex and risky at that. Sexual contact with children is statutory rape. Around 20 women and men between the ages of 19 and 25 took part in the tour, which was organized by a foundation set up by Japanese university professors last June. Given human history it will never get resolved.

Girl jap young girl sex

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  1. Either way, seems messed up, and says something about the downvoter's personality. Life is about playing the options you have.

  2. You are right, and that's my own filter at play also. I don't understand your point, honestly.

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