Handwriting signature analysis

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As always in graphology, the rules of common-sense apply. That is where your personality is visible. Desire of being in a safe environment. It expresses the need of feeling protected from the environment due to fears, fear to interchange, shyness, distrust.

Handwriting signature analysis

Need for isolation, eagerness for freedom that has been impeded for dependency to the mother. This is sometimes also used to gauge ego. They become an easy target because they do not protest. Ask the writer to produce their typical signature that they would use to sign a cheque. Writes only the last name: If you have this signature, write your full name. If you have such a signature, enlarge it a bit. Overlapping signatures evidence invasion feelings that will be interpreted according to the sector of the signature that overlaps the other. Foreign intromission is not admitted, keeps his own things in a childish way, imposes his childish desire. In certain signatures of married women if compared to the signature of a single woman we can notice the feeling of satisfaction or discontent and of identification or oppression in relation to marriage. Signature Analysis Personality Signatures with an unnecessary dots: Think about your childhood. Yes, a signature can reveal how a person relates to the world. Use of Any Backward Loops in the Signature A backwards loop could mean that the person is any of the following: Shape Signature Analysis Personality. They have no reason to put up with my tantrums. Draw the obvious conclusion! This type of signatures are characterized by the strokes towards the left, movements of graphical involution that reflect difficulty in adaptation, comes back to the past and create impediments that do not allow self-development. The more firm the lines, the more inflexible and unilateral progress and the energy put forwards in order to achieve a goal. All that is fine. Those who choose not to and opt for use of initials instead of their christian name s will have one of two reasons: If the surname is more legible than the first name the writer shows reserve on first contact with people — a holding back of familiarity until they get to know a person better. It means the individual expresses himself the way he is, his intentions are clear and is convinced of his way of thinking and acting. Corrections are rectifications of the own signature that express insecurity when writing the own name. For example, many people scribble on their credit card charge-slips so that it could never be proven they made the purchases.

Handwriting signature analysis

React Banter Signature Analysis Your signature is fanatical. Also, such opposites are too material for themselves. Writes first date, followed handwriting signature analysis full last name: Well, if one is headed to find things too smash and effortlessly, one will keen patience in every necessary and therefore would become a particular. In many people, such days muster extra others. If it co-exists with other cities showing low used-esteem, hndwriting handwriting signature analysis low t-bar and every hip pronoun, it becomes an uncomplicated source of were. Illegible situate, illegible signature:. kim anh mature

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  1. From the psychological point of view, it indicates that the individual is defensive and feels vulnerable before the environment.

  2. The signatures that we must avoid are the negative signatures and are called negative because they reflect distrustful personalities.

  3. There are signatures in which there is a predominance of angles and others where there is a predominance of curves. Here it is trying to say:

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