He doesn t know what he wants

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What a roller coaster ride that would be! However, if he is still deciding what he wants and you know exactly what you want, then it is time to move on. Honesty from the get go will save you both a great deal of heartache. I wanted to be with a man who was ready and actively looking for his life partner.

He doesn t know what he wants

He may need to explore more to gain clarity around what he wants. He will move on and go after what he wants. Life is too short for a woman to waste her time waiting for the man in her life to realize what he wants. He may connect his moving toward and away from you with his mixed feelings. We cannot force someone to get to a place of clarity. Don't allow yourself to be in limbo and taken advantage of in that way. If you find yourself attracted to these guys who appear lost and struggling to grow up, and you think you can rescue or help them, be aware of this pattern in yourself. Either you are going to let him control the direction of this relationship or you are going to take control. Usually, as a woman you tend to be more sure of the things you want for yourself, especially when it comes to relationships. If he is flaky now and it gets on your nerves, it will only get worse as the relationship progresses. If this is one of the things he is not sure he wants, don't put yourself in the middle of that. You are simply in different places in life. It is not fair to string you along with the idea of a relationship and long term plans, when he is not sure of what he wants. Above all else do not change your behavior to suit his needs or spend hours trying to decipher his behavior. He might realize that he does not want to commit just yet and hopefully he will be honest with you about that. Women are usually more ready to commit at a younger age, then men are ready to. If he does not have at least an idea of what he wants when you meet him, well ladies…perhaps this is not the guy for you. That is a great idea, let's do that. Society teaches women to be relationship oriented, while teaching men to play the field. I had decided that the only happiness to concern myself with and depend on, was my own. If he is unsure, do not try to convince him about why he should be sure. Respect his limits like you want him to respect yours. Here are a few suggestions: We often create our own hardships. There is the off chance, that if you wait long enough, he will eventually recognize that he has a good thing going with you and will change his mind and want to commit to you. And here you are now: He may be even cancelling plans.

He doesn t know what he wants

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  1. This may be a big factor in why men do not want to commit in their 20's and sometimes even in their 30's. A guy that you are invested in should be one that has value.

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