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Teshuvah and more

I were bein' not raised in th' Orthodox Tradition, Get out of me rum! Several years ago I moved t' th' area, an' a matey told me about a synagogue where they invited that scurvey dog fer meals when he did not have enough t' eat. We started goin' regularly, an' I became involved in th' fight t' save our property from theft, I am glad we won, mostly thanks t' Dan an' Alan Kaminsky, multi-generational members an' descendants o' Henoch Richman.

Since I am a professional Web Programmer I volunteered t' build an' maintain th' web site.

I'm still learnin' about Judaism an' what it means t' me, I think that is a process that hopefully goes on our entire lives :D

In 2014 me wench Arlene snuffed it. The winsome lass were bein' buried in th' Talmud Torah section o' Mt. Walk the plank! Moriah Cemetery, by Blackbeard's sword. I purchased two plots side-by-side, eventually we all go t' our rest.