How to determine the sex of a ball python

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Males typically have slightly larger spurs than females, but there are exceptions. I would like to thank M. Spatial ecology and survivorship of resident and translocated Hognose Snakes Heterodon platirhinos.

How to determine the sex of a ball python

Autecology of the copperhead. Snakes who are in the process of ecdysis shedding will generally not eat. How to Sex a Ball Python? After feeding, it is very important that the cage temperature be within acceptable limits for proper digestion. Con- tributions to Herpetology 6: Little is known of their typical lifespan in the wild, but captive individuals undoubtedly reach older ages than their wild counterparts on average. Aquariums, commercially produced reptile cages, plastic storage boxes and custom-built enclosures can all provide a suitable enclosure. Spatial ecology of the Eastern Massauga Sistrurus c. Table of equivalent populations of North American Small Mammals. Lutterschmidt for directing the surgical implantation of radio-transmitters. The light can be slowly increased by 2 hours in the summer, and decreased by 2 hours in the winter. I am also grateful to L. These hemipenes normally reside inside the tail base of a male, in an inverted orientation. It is considered symbolic of the earth, being an animal that travels so close to the ground. By emulating their mentors and through trial and error, herpetoculturists have taught themselves how to probe herps over the decades. Feeding[ edit ] In the wild, their diet consists mostly of small mammals, such as African soft-furred rats , shrews and striped mice. Many people are squeamish about doing the procedure for fear of hurting this presumably delicate region of a snake. Your ball python will likely spend a great deal of time hiding in one of the shelters you provide. The mother will incubate the eggs. Male ball pythons become sexually mature when they reach about to grams in weight. Although captive ball pythons may only need to be fed once a week, many owners will feed their python two times a week, or more than one serving at a time. Ball pythons use a combination of active prowling and ambush techniques to capture prey. Male ball pythons, like all other male snakes, have paired reproductive organs, called hemipenes. This requires a bit of skill and knowledge about ball python anatomy, so this is a task best left to experienced keepers and vets. A radiotelemetric study of movements and shelter-site selection by free-ranging brownsnakes Pseudonaja textilis, Ela- pidae.

How to determine the sex of a ball python

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