How to run like a sprinter

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The fingertips should be set just behind the starting line not touching it [2] with the arms mostly straight but the elbows unlocked [3]. All you need is the right attitude, the right workouts for the job, and a bit of open space. You need to perform a thorough dynamic warm-up routine to increase blood flow, heart rate, and body temperature.

How to run like a sprinter

The fingertips should be set just behind the starting line not touching it [2] with the arms mostly straight but the elbows unlocked [3]. Enertor insoles have been scientifically proven to reduce injuries. Bench Press Start by laying on your back on a flat bench. Next, assume a mini squat, then while engaging your core, extending your hips and swinging your arms, leap onto the box, landing softly on both feet. The fastest man on the planet clearly knows a thing or two about running. Therefore, if you start sooner than a tenth of a second after the gun, it will be considered a false start. Seek medical advice before you embark on any physical exercise. After the starting gun fires, sprinters have to be careful too not straighten up too quickly. Next, while keeping your back straight and engaging your core, squat down and grab the barbell with an overhand grip a bit wider than shoulder width. Relax your fingers and keep your palms up. But just because you aren't tall doesn't mean you still can't be fast. Justin Gatlin compares the middle of a meter race to driving a car. Keep your arms at a degree angle from the elbow. Reaching speeds of nearly 28mph, Usain Bolt holds the world records at both m and m. Come out of the drive phase, run, stand tall, keep going. It's time to start speeding up without standing up too tall, too quickly. He says the key is not to take immediate quick steps, but to take longer, more powerful strides because that will help you farther along in the race. As a general guideline, most sprint training exercises are designed to target these fast twitch fibers, performing explosive exercises and short sprints instead of steady-state long distance running and cardio training. I see a lot of different running styles — some people run with a lot of arm drive, some have hardly any movement. Or are you either born fast, or slow? Adam Lee-Potter Usain Bolt is convinced that, with the correct training, attitude and kit, you can improve your running. The worst thing you can do is false start. And that's how you get out of the blocks. Aim for three sets of 8 to 12 reps with each exercise, pushing your max on each move and reaching muscle failure in the last few reps. So after 70 meters I have to be sure I'm running strong, running tall and getting to the finish line. Most coaches would recommend a combination of running, intervals, weights and drills to help an athlete run faster and get better. In addition to maintaining proper technique to keep from slowing too much, Ryan McGill, author of "Sprinting," suggests that sprinters should wear sunglasses if the sun is out because squinting can slow you even more.

How to run like a sprinter

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