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It does, however, invoke the question of authenticity, which is deemed a factor of quality, albeit not a necessary one. We've been sold a story. Great going keep up the good work, thanks again. So too are more intangible factors: When it comes to quality, whatever the medium, an artist's personal history is supposedly irrelevant.


Customer Care Webmaster joined What time this morning? Criticism is about more than a thumbs-up, thumbs-down judgment, and biography inevitably sheds light on work. Share via Email Driven to write There are echoes, here, of the Britain's Got Talent model. It's Paul Potts all over again. Before seeing it on the press night, I didn't know much about the play itself; that it's about four young British Asian men gathered in a pool hall. Rachael Read more Rachael Our roads are a major issue that is affecting most citizen. The former chimes with his Essex upbringing, the latter was intended primarily to give Lisa Dillon a stonking lead. Which has the real beating heart? What better training for a playwright? Even down to the everyman job. I did, however, know a fair bit about Din himself, despite this being his debut play: No amount of biographical information will change the fact that Shakespeare wrote extraordinary plays. She cites the cases of Salford-based soul singer Ren Harvieu, whose career stalled when she broke her back, and that of Rumer, who discovered aged 11 that her real father was the family's Pakistani cook. It went this way. We need more roads Read more Sherwin Jennings Just thought i'd post this because i was so sure that no one would see my queries. Great going keep up the good work, thanks again. All this came from pre-publicity, but his past also cropped up in the subsequent reviews. It suggests a subject really matters to the writer. Ethnicity also seems important: Tristram Kenton How much does a playwright's background matter? In other words, Din knows people: We need more roads Read more Sherwin Jennings Our roads are a major issue that is affecting most citizen. It's not an isolated case. You guys a so much fun to watch, and I'm always kept up to date with what's going on in Jamaica.


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