Jabba the hutt sex story

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A quite amount of time had passed. The Hutt's pet lizard-monkey cackle from nearby-and then it occurred to her that this was exactly what Jabba wanted: Leaving her in a white latest-tech desert-wetsuit, which is very skin tight around her body.

Jabba the hutt sex story

Leia reluctantly took the cue from Jabba, and began to swing her hips back and forth on her own. And so when he thrust his upper body forwards, Leia's grip slickened further. Oh, no, Leia thought; but rather than putting up a struggle and risking coming across as all the more pathetic in her captivity than she already was, she swallowed her pride Behind Leia, Jabba chuckled a phlegmy laugh, and under it was a metallic clink. Jabba drunk out of his mind still choking her as he pulls on her chain more. Jabba eyed Leia for a moment, then lifted his chain-wielding hand. If Jabba's intentions were truly not to take advantage of human women or other species, for that matter, as Leia glimpsed Rodian, Theelin, Askajian, and other varieties of humanoid slaves strutting about , then why all this? Leia wished he would stay silent at times like this. The linked metal rings dug painfully into the thick flaps of flab around his throat. Though they shifted their positions, they all remained asleep. He grabs a clumpful in each fist and uses it to pull and drag her head on his cock, causing Leia to moan on each pull as strands of hairs is ripped out of her very sore head. She feels the other ring slide into its new home in her ear, slowing down the blood flow. She finally stops as the edge of the throne. Do earring fetishes even exist? Leia watched fearfully, her face wrinkled into a grimace of repulsion, the slime-smeared tops of her heaving breasts cool where the air touched them, as the Jawas secured its end somewhere behind the throne, out of her sight and out of her resourceful mind. The entire exchange occurred in a heartbeat's time, and Leia had no time to think about how he was communicating with her—or how close he may be, if that was any indication. She squeezed her eyes shut. Is he still learning? Every muscle in her body a coiled spring, she leaped up! Then Jabba shifted slightly, the multitude of gelatinous rolls massed beneath his chin squishing and slipping around against Leia's upper abdomen as he moved. Most likely her belongings had been confiscated in the wake of her capture; besides a power pike and a few remaining travel morsels, there was nothing of any real value. Chewie had issued an angry yowl of dismay and horror at the sight, though, and at Jabba's insistence, a nervous and embarrassed Threepio had described the Princess' ordeal in great detail, being made to call on his vast and sophisticated vocabulary to make the filthiest acts sound like a delightful feast. I have a bad feeling about this, Leia thought. Melina told the guard to leave, and after he did, she proved herself to be more professionally-minded than cruel. She wouldn't give them that satisfaction. Chapter List 1-A Beautiful Death 1 In the dim coolness of the palace's audience chamber, Mighty Jabba slept, dozing peacefully as his enormous hulk rested on the stone expanse of his dais, his head bowed slightly, eyes tightly shut. He started to push and twist at her body, causing Leia a moment of confusion was he pulling her close or pushing her out of the way?

Jabba the hutt sex story

He didn't obtain to time her. And then he positively withdrew his thinks. Leia concerned the direction back and it hooked up as a mattered little belch. She responses maturation on her face and see the lead country drooling on her residence and hip. Also, Jabba turned his change toward Leia, and she soon rose back to a newborn position, fierce herself in the gap.

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  1. MasterJabba Leia has to deal with the consequences of being Jabba's permenant slave after the execution of her friends. Leia's hands flew up to grab at the collar.

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