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Where did the pilot take place? Profanity or sexualized language or jokes are inappropriate when working with students, regardless whether it occurs face-to-face, over the Internet, or by any other means. From the well-wrought urns of the New Critics onward, ekphrasis has figured prominently in the legacy of modernist literary criticism, but a tendency to read its complicated modes of relationality in terms of either autonomy or antagonism has obscured the forms of creative failure and imitation embodied in the desire to confuse poetry for pottery. JA volunteers teach valuable lessons in their program delivery and especially in their conduct with students.


The intent was to provide an additional safe alternative to conveying patients to hospital providing more timely treatment commencement, supporting better recovery and improving chances of survival. A primary purpose of the JA programs is to encourage creativity by the students. All 3 stations have been co-responding under LIVES clinical governance for a considerable period of time and therefore had significant experience in providing an initial medical response. The dimensions of EET programs vary according the particular target group. In response, this study surveys the available literature and program evaluations to propose a Conceptual Framework for understanding the EET program landscape. Volunteers are responsible for the quality of interactions. Credible allegations of misconduct will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities. Any JA staff member or volunteer who reasonably suspects misconduct must report these suspicions immediately to the appropriate JA staff person with their JA Area. At the same time, an EMAS paramedic also responds to the incident in a fast response car. Junior Achievement takes all complaints of misconduct seriously. Students often find it difficult to state discomfort or objections. Prior to the start of the pilot, LFR undertook a consultation to seek the views of local residents. The study also offers implications for policy and program implementation, emphasizing the importance of clarity about target groups and desired outcomes when making program choices, and sound understanding of extent to which publicly-supported programs offer a broader public good, and compare favorably to policy alternatives for supporting the targeted individuals as well as the overall economic and social objectives. Staff shall review these standards verbally, as well, with volunteers teaching for the first time. Each JA volunteer who manages or has access to Official JA Profiles will provide the username and password to the social media profiles to the local JA office. JA volunteers must communicate on social media sites professionally and respectfully, just as JA would expect them to communicate were they present in person. These programs target a range of participants: Research suggesting that certain entrepreneurial mindsets and skills can be learned has given rise to the field of entrepreneurship education and training EET. The key benefits of the scheme include: Refusing to decide between positive and negative affects or to side with either utopian or antisocial ambitions, The Wallflower Avant-Garde explores models of reading and writing about art that remain flexible enough to dig deep even as they gloss the surface. How does it work? During any such investigation, the JA volunteer will not perform services as a JA volunteer. Profanity, sexualized language or jokes, images of a sexual nature, or similar communications involving adult topics, drugs or alcohol, are never appropriate around students, no matter if they occur in person, in an email or text message, or on a social media site. Any JA volunteer who reasonably suspects misconduct related to social media or any violation of this policy must report these suspicions immediately to the appropriate local JA representative. It is unacceptable to seek or engage in one-to-one meetings with students at any time. Junior Achievement JA serves youth.


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  1. Research suggesting that certain entrepreneurial mindsets and skills can be learned has given rise to the field of entrepreneurship education and training EET. Most understand the difference between appropriate physical contact such as a handshake or pat on the back, and contact that is sexual or disrespectful.

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