Man with no teeth

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There is no nice way to say "hey, are you missing teeth? You're just going to have to mention that it has recently occurred to you that you've never seen his teeth, and then see what happens from there. While this is anecdotal, my response is, please, no.

Man with no teeth

I am going to say that if you are wondering if he has teeth, and this is a big thing that you want to know about, instead of pussyfooting around it with hints about him smiling or eating corn on the cob, I'd go with being direct. I don't want to make you uncomfortable and I'm not saying I need to know right this second. Words which pretty much require the teeth to be bared, unless special effort is exerted? Had a guy tell me I was super sloppy in the way I dressed once. I think the deal breaker part for me is why hasn't he done anything to fix the problem such as getting dentures or an implant? But if it's a potential deal-breaker, go in with a bit more determination before you make the break. She has been extremely sensitive about this even though she does have a plate to replace them. But a lot of people have problems with that--some small percentage of those also has teeth that are particularly vulnerable to it, and that's the portion that ends up feeling ashamed and horrible about their bad teeth. When he pronounces words with "th" sounds, how does that sound to you? To this day the lower ones are not quite in a straight line -- I spent my adolescence imagining them like jumbled old gravestones in an ancient cemetery -- and where most people have four upper incisors, I have three in the same space, although no one ever knows unless I grin widely and invite them to count how many teeth are visible between the canines; they came in large enough that there was no gap. Ask, "why do you always hide your teeth? Do you feel comfortable talking about difficult topics with your boyfriend? If you can't love him if it turns out he has poor oral hygiene, and you already have evidence this is the case, it would probably be more dignified for you both to skip to finding a new boyfriend. It will be better for both of you. You need to do a better job wiping your buttcrack. And I do hope you update, I haven't wanted to know how any AskMes turned out more than this one! Anybody got a problem with that? And he may not have had his hygiene properly taken care of or taught to him. How to ask him: The root canal went bad a number of years later and had to be removed. Then decide if it's a deal breaker for you. For me, personally, any problem he would potentially have with me asking him after this long dating would be a far bigger deal breaker than if he didn't have teeth. I think you could say to him, "Sweetheart, I really love and care about you. OP will update if they feel like it, please don't use this thread to hassle them to update. You can't go saying it's going to be okay if it's not.

Man with no teeth

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  1. I clearly like being intimate with you as it is, and this isn't gonna change that, but I don't want you to feel like you need to hide things from me.

  2. Did you have work done when you were younger? But geez, please do not feel bad for feeling like you need to know.

  3. I mean it more as a "but this can be fixed if this is an otherwise good thing" sort of way, but frankly, your update kind of made me change my mind. It sounds like you've already tried to do this tactfully so fair play to you.

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