Men confess their sex adventures

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As told to Lollie Barr whimn. At first I was like, 'No way is this happening,' but then his roommate started going down on me while my date was playing with my nipples and I kind of just gave myself over to the experience. Everyone's desires are different, and not everyone is unhappy with their sex life, but it would seem that the majority are. My husband is a sex addict for a couple weeks, but then out of nowhere he just stops. Hurt by her husbands choice of words, Alecia feared her marriage was on the rocks.

Men confess their sex adventures

When their relationship became rocky, and close to ending, they both agreed that they wanted to stay together but were interested in other people - so they started swinging. He was hanging on every single detail. When another guy approached me when we were out, instead of walking over and protectively wrapping his arms around me, Mark would hang back and watch. I've been married for 6yrs and our sex life sucks. I liked my curvy figure with my big breastfeeding boobs. It was like this was the first step towards the sex life he craved. Stereotypically, one would think it's the guys who want it more -- but that's not so. After it's over, do you just go back to your normally scheduled programming of sex with only one partner? I might be the luckiest married man around because my wife always wants to have sex. He was over in about five minutes. As told to Lollie Barr whimn. The Swinging Couple "My husband and I wanted to get adventurous, but the idea asking friends or people we were friendly with seemed so awkward and creepy. By Kevin Michael November 8, Like Starpulse on Facebook Sex is a big part of every marriage, and as the years go by that original spark that had you doing it daily when you first fell in love dwindles down thanks to careers, schedules, kids and other outside factors that can get in the way of intimate time. The Bar Star "I was out drinking with co-workers when suddenly all of them had to peace at once. It was almost a joke among them. But it really ended up being fun and non-scary. My husband doesn't seem to even notice. However, soon after we started dating, I noticed something different about Mark. He stopped and got a slight panic attack. In the end, I felt as if the only option was to indulge him his fantasy. My husband hasn't been going to the gym lately and has gotten out of shape I think I would do it again if the opportunity came up. I love my husband deeply. One had to pick their kid up from the babysitter, another had plans with the hubs, and so I was left to finish my drink alone. One thing led to another, and we both agreed to go back to his dorm room. His own and mine.

Men confess their sex adventures

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  1. The Target Practice "During a wine-fueled girls' night, my best friend confided in me that she felt she wasn't that great at giving head.

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