My daughter slept with my boyfriend

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I had spent so many years thinking of my family. I'd wondered if there was anything in it, but dismissed it, telling myself I was just lonely. I nervously typed "yes" and soon I found myself telling him how lonely and unhappy I was in my marriage. David really seemed to care about me and as we talked my feelings grew.

My daughter slept with my boyfriend

During their time together, though, whenever he came to the house there was always some "chemistry" between me and him. We should have left it as a one-night stand, but we pursued a relationship that was never going to work. I was determined to prove everyone wrong. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. For advice from Pamela Stephenson Connolly on sexual matters, send us a brief description of your concerns. He takes my daughter out, and a minute trip turns into 3 hours. Instead, let him know that you understand that having a daughter in the house who is coming of age is challenging for many dads; that many men are stimulated by having a sexy young girl walking around the home — even though they know full well that she is totally off limits. She was absolutely heartbroken. Ditch this man before your daughter finds out and decide on whether or not you're going to confess depending on whether you think he'll tell her at some point. But I missed David and I could barely believe it when Mark agreed to my suggestion that he move in. October 26, at 1: And let them take care of themselves. They all understood that everyone has needs and they should be able to help each other out taking care of them. I would just lie there, thinking about what I was going to give the kids for tea. Why not join some groups or classes, or even try online dating as a way to meet other people with similar interests? After a while we agreed that David could move in and they were old enough to share a room. You can then sit and wait for someone else who isn't going out with your daughter to come along or take this as a sign that you need to try dating. The two of you might come up with some clear rules, for example, about what is appropriate for her to wear at home. Biological fathers generally, but not always, are appropriately concerned about it. You don't indicate whether this was a one-night stand or if you intend the relationship with this man to continue. I missed him and Vikki but David seemed to offer so much more. Now we make a big effort to talk and express our feelings. Not only had I cheated on my husband, but I was in love with my daughter's boyfriend. HN, London Are you lonely? I have checked in with my daughter over the years asking her about abuse and she has said nothing has happened. Then one day I was taking time away from the chores when I logged on to the internet and a message popped up on my screen from David, who must have been online in the other room.

My daughter slept with my boyfriend

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  1. I knew it was wrong but it was thrilling and dangerous and I couldn't fight the passion. I know how terrible my betrayal was and I'm not expecting anything soon.

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