Peehole sex stories on line

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After my involuntary screaming and Mark's panting stopped, I noticed that his cock still felt rock hard filling my pee hole and still inside my sphincter. Not more than twice because she has two extremely powerful orgasms each session and i wiped her out and need a day or two of rest. Let me start at the beginning and introduce myself!

Peehole sex stories on line

She is certainly not the most attractive porn star out there. There was no pain and I hate pain. Mark explained to me that they were "Foley" catheters and what he had learned about them, again on the internet. His cock felt almost like an intruder in my vagina, since we had not used it for sex since we started stretching my pee hole. To say inserting four was a bit tight, is an understatement, we had to use Xylocaine for a couple of sessions, but it was worth the wait. I forgot to mention generous amounts of K-Y jelly, as the pee hole passage is not self lubricating like the vagina. The little catheter had slipped into my pee hole very easily, without pain, which is good, because I hate pain. Here is a true story of one of them. She'd shower and we'd go to my place to fuck. To insert a vibrator, which has a pointier tip is one thing, but inserting his cock is another. When my husband tried to pull his, still hard as a rock, cock slowly out of my pee hole, he told me and I could also feel, that it would not come out. It did not take long before an inch or so was inserted and I had not felt any pain or other discomfort at all. She groaned and let out the most violent orgasm I'd ever seen on her. Even the best writer could not describe this mind blasting sensation, it is just out of this world. I have been giving women urethral play since Mark is quite a big lad and his fingers are not exactly small so when I looked down I was a bit shocked to see that he had managed to insert his pointer and rude finger up to the second joint. I am not sure which one of us was more excited and hornier, both of our faces were glowing and when his finger passed through my sphincter and he wiggled his finger around the inside of that little ring muscle, we both could not wait any longer and we both came without touching my clit. One was relatively small and the other a bit thicker — they were in sterile packaging. He showed me a photo of her. Sex with my long term partner Mark has been really great. A word of caution, there are dangers of injury and I would recommend to anyone interested in this to be careful and take it slowly. Luckily, Mark had the foresight to place a towel underneath me. Assuming the doggie position I could feel the heat of the flame on my ass. It was a weird but in no way an uncomfortable experience. I could feel a little bag expanding just past the entrance of my bladder. This did not worry me too much as we had done some peeing games before. Both were sealed in sterile packaging and my hubby told me not to touch them, as it could lead to UTI Urethral tract infection.

Peehole sex stories on line

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  1. I thought to myself what a feeling that would be as I knew how much of a turn on this would be for him. The only problem with my "Pinky" is that it is too short to reach right into my bladder.

  2. At first I thought he may be a little angry with my solo sexual escapades but he surprised me by being all the more enthused and asked if he could watch.

  3. This acted like a cock ring, which we had played with before, it restricted the blood flow in his penis and his head was probably bigger than when he put it in. When I went to unwrap them Mark told me not to touch them until we were ready to use them as this would help to avoid the catheters getting any dirt or bacteria on them.

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