Pisces man aquarius woman sexually

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She cannot live a boring and monotonous life. Depending on the state of their intimacy, they could end up covered in lies or completely free of them. However, all hope isn't lost, as the Aquarius man has his soft side that he only shows to those he truly love and trust. She is very frank and she easily makes friends which is why she is blessed with so many friends who are always surrounding her.

Pisces man aquarius woman sexually

He generally is not fussy about minor issues and is peace loving by nature. The Aquarius woman might be attracted to his gentle manner and his passion but she will always seek for independence and freedom to try new things. All in all, they both make a beautiful marriage which rests on pillars of understanding, faith, love, concern and affection. For Aquarius, this love for humankind would mean absolute justice, equality and freedom of speech. On the other hand the Aquarian woman has different layers of her personality and is very intellectual. The connection of Neptune forces a strong sexual relationship between the Aquarius man and Pisces woman. She, at times, behaves cold which seriously hurts her man deeply. She is also an analytical thinker, a trait that makes her attractive to a Piscean man and a person who loves to explore and learn new things. Positive Traits of Aquarius Woman Aquarius woman is a vibrant, happy and bubbly female. He also makes sure that he fulfills every promise he makes. He always cares and feels concerned for his lady. Tips to Impress an Aquarius Female In order to win the heart of an Aquarius lady, you must follow the following tips which will surely make the task easier for you: Aquarius woman wants her Pisces man to be her friend first and then her lover. So avoid it and keep her happy. This can bring on their creativity and ability to think outside the box. A Piscean man is a soft, sensitive, caring and loving person. The relationship between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman is balanced and shares an unconditional affection for one another. A Piscean man can also have mood swings that can be too much for an Aquarian woman and he might also feel resentment towards her because of her desire for independence. Pisces will gladly visit an art show, but why not make it a modern one so Aquarius could be interested as much? They are very trustworthy and loyal lovers as well as romantic and passionate. Their sexual experiences are filled with emotional encounters brought on by the Pisces woman leading to passionate nights and memorable mornings together. For this relationship to prosper, both of them should be more understanding towards each other and should put more efforts into building a strong and long lasting blissful relationship. As the Aquarius man desires communication to reach closure, the Pisces woman pushes away with her silence. Although when he is pushed to the limits and angered, he can be stern and different. Sometimes rest can become a lifestyle for the Pisces woman. Aquarius partner, on the other hand, will want inspiring conversations, intellectual stimulation and preferably some extreme activities included. The sextrology of an Aquarius man and Pisces woman is of cat and mouse, where the Pisces woman leads, and the Aquarius man follows.

Pisces man aquarius woman sexually

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  1. By the end of it, Pisces will feel bad because they even tried to rationalize their faith, and Aquarius will feel like they have been talking to a foggy image of something resembling an opinion.

  2. The Pisces man makes the Aquarian lady feel safe and sound in his arms and pacifies her soul. While the Aquarius man brings forth the independence of the Pisces woman; she brings forth the emotional comfort necessary to captivate the Aquarius man's heart and mind.

  3. However, an Aquarius woman can have more control of the situation and has the tendency to calm down first. She is very loyal towards every role she plays.

  4. The best chance for a satisfying sex life between an Aquarius and a Pisces partner is in a scenario where Aquarius already had some emotions to share, before their relationship even started. For Pisces, it would mean the eternal sound of the ocean as a blessing bringing us here.

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