Sex and girls with borderline mental retardation

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Reporting biases due to repressed memories, willful forgetting, denial due to shame or guilt, or even false reporting may not be overruled. Likewise, suicidal ideation, suicidal attempts, and self-harm behaviors have been commonly reported by patients with CSA in the previous literature. When assessed for the type of CSA, 2 Differences between the groups of people selected to take part in the research. Previous researchers have also confirmed this fact.

Sex and girls with borderline mental retardation

However, detection of CSA is quite a difficult task because of secrecy, stigma, and shame associated with the incidence. It has been stressed by previous researchers also that the development of BPD is associated with the severe type of CSA. A common definition of impairment may not have been agreed between the parties making records. Further research including all the above limitations will help in consolidating the gains achieved, and a full range of pathological and protective childhood experiences to which they are exposed can be outlined. Rather than simply providing yes or no answers to questions, subjects were encouraged to describe their experiences about CSA in detail so that internal consistency of the history provided could be established. The percentage is even higher among people with disabilities. Of 36 BPD patients, 16 Information may not be recorded consistently. Nongenital type of CSA was reported by very few patients Medical models of disability emphasise risks connected with the person's disability, while social models of disability focus on risks caused by the socially-created environment of the intellectually disabled person. Certainly, CSA is neither essential nor sufficient for the development of BPD and other factors need their due consideration. Who is asked about the abuse: After a full explanation of the study and assuring anonymity and confidentiality of the information given by them, written informed consent was obtained from all the participants. States often have statutes for the intellectually disabled person separate from the general sex offense statutes. Parameters of CSA found to be associated with the development of BPD were severity of abuse, chronicity of abuse, close relation of the perpetrator with the victim, more number of perpetrators, and sexual penetration or intercourse. Cases of sexual assault are arbitrated differently according to individual state laws and statutes. The mean age of the study sample was The study sample consisted of 36 consecutive patients with BPD drawn from outpatient and inpatient department who were between 18 and 65 years of their age. Certainly, in this respect, the differential perception of trauma by Indian people depending on the sociocultural background cannot be overlooked. A longitudinal prospective case—control study can also explore the effects of CSA on the long-term adult functioning of BPD patients. Second, our study sample consisted of BPD patients who visit the hospital for their ailments. This difference may be particularly attributed to different family and social structure of Indian population which restricts the occasions of CSA. Hence, it will be difficult to generalize our findings to all BPD patients who are less severely disturbed. Finally, in our sample, we found unstable interpersonal relationships to be associated significantly with patients without abuse history. According to research 15, to 19, people with intellectual disabilities are raped each year in the United States. Daniel Saldanha, Flat No.

Sex and girls with borderline mental retardation

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  1. Who is asked about the abuse: According to research 15, to 19, people with intellectual disabilities are raped each year in the United States.

  2. The mean age of the study sample was Another Spanish study indicates that the prevalence of sexual abuse is 6.

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