Sex linked to weight gain

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However, this imbalance has nothing to do with your sexual activity. On the contrary, the team identified changes in hormones that control appetite in overweight and obese study participants after exercise. Sex and weight management Now that we've looked at the benefit of sex when it comes to burning calories and temporarily putting a halt on eating, how likely is it that we are going to lose weight by having sex? If you are more of a laid back partner, you will reap lesser fitness benefits.

Sex linked to weight gain

If you are more of a laid back partner, you will reap lesser fitness benefits. After marriage, people get a sense of security and they start living happily with their life partners. It is a popular belief that women tend to gain weight soon after marriage. Still, every little helps, and a temporary curb on eating after sex is sure to contribute to overall weight loss. Nonetheless, men and women may not be aware that they are eating more than usual because of their happy relationship. For women, the range was from Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. So, we are not only making considerable headway toward reaching our minute weekly exercise goal when we have sex, we also stand to gain more pleasure than from a gym visit. Primarily produced from the ovaries, secondarily from the adrenal glands; it has many functions, including adding lovely lady curves by increasing fat deposits in your stomach, waist and thighs. It stimulates fatherly love and milk production. Get your hormones checked at regular intervals as this might help you prevent unexpected weight gain. Hence, exercising regularly with the right diet is the secret to a maintained body weight. According to health experts, weight gain has to do nothing with sex. However, it is a common belief that people after marriage often tend to gain weight. It sure would be. We have the answer! However, sex being the culprit for weight gain after marriage is an absolute myth. Sex can actually help you lose extra calories. So, if you are looking to shed a few pounds in the lead up to the peak holiday season, why not make the time to spend with your partner, enjoy sharing some intimate moments, and bask in the full effect that all that oxytocin and calorie loss will hopefully have on your scales. Sex does not make you gain weight but an imbalance of sex hormones can impact your body weight. On the other hand, there are also views, which say that sex helps to burn calories. Karelis also compared sex with regular gym exercise. Scientists have claimed that sex can improve your heart health, relieve stress, improve sleep and can control fluctuations in blood circulation. Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance Having your hormones checked on a regular interval can help diagnose unexpected weight gain. Below mentioned are few symptoms of hormonal imbalance: According to health experts, indulging in intimate sessions also boosts a healthy lifestyle.

Sex linked to weight gain

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