Sex with my hot sister

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She then gently pushed my erect penis into the entrance of her vagina — an indication that it was time for me to finish the job I'd started. I was really glad that Hannah wasn't pressed against my growing erection. I then gently ran my fingers down the back of her head and onto the side of her neck and brushing my fingers over the soft skin of the side of her neck. During this self-relief I couldn't help letting my mind wander to my sister and she became the central point of one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

Sex with my hot sister

Through our talking we got to find out that we were pretty much alike — we both wanted the same things in life — liked the same kinds of music and movies — and had the same views on dating and the kind of people we wanted to see. I agreed so after some dinner and some pretty friendly conversation we headed into the living room and planted ourselves on the sofa to begin watching the movie. It was the first time my sister and I had been left alone for such a period of time and I'm happy to say that we're the kind of people that can be trusted to look after the house without having any destructive parties. She has shoulder length mousy brown hair, fairly fine lips, gorgeous — big green eyes, and the most beautiful smile. While sitting here in close proximity I couldn't help inhaling my sisters smell. With the boundaries now removed I grabbed the bottom of Hannah's tank top and pulled it slowly up over her head revealing her semi naked body with just a sports bra covering her small breasts. There was a small resistance so I slid slightly back and forward going ever so slightly deeper with each push. After a while our lips began to go numb so we broke the kiss. Hannah pulled both legs up on to the sofa and through one leg over my lap while she pulled my hand close to her breasts. As I did this Hannah's body flexed up off the bed and her breath was sucked in — "almost as if she had had an electric shock. Once my shirt was on the floor Hannah ran her hands over my entire upper body. She then asked if she could do my nails and I happily agreed as I was enjoying having my sister sitting so close to me. Hannah and I, while not particularly close, have always gotten on pretty well. The gently perfume from her shampoo was slowly exciting me. As I pushed my hand down even further and then ran my forefinger along her slit Hannah let out a huge cry that signalled her first orgasm of the evening. But I never even came anywhere near close to feeling as good as I have so far with you. Both at eye level again we began to let our hands wander a bit. After a few minutes of just lying there hugging Hannah was the first to speak. Her panties were absolutely soaking and the smell was intoxicating. Her nails were shiny, well shaped and there were no cuticles. Hannah just kind of lingered there staring intently into my eyes. Because she has such a delicate frame her breasts are relatively small — but definitely not flat chested. My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after the house. After a few moments our mouths met in our most passionate kiss yet, our tongues forcing their way into each other's warm embrace. Seeing my sisters bare breasts with their erect nipples was so inviting I couldn't stop myself from planting gentle short kisses on them. I was really looking forward to this time — it's always great to be able to do what you like without having your parents nagging at you to get things done.

Sex with my hot sister

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  1. I replied that I was also really enjoying this time together and gave her the warmest smile that I was capable of. I know this is going to be one of the most special moments of my life.

  2. I agreed so after some dinner and some pretty friendly conversation we headed into the living room and planted ourselves on the sofa to begin watching the movie. Hannah, sensing my near orgasm pulled me to her and we locked in another passionate, wild kiss; and then before I knew what was going on I was squirting load after load of my come inside of my sister.

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