Sexy images of chinese girls

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As the Chinese say: Do you agree more with the Western or the Chinese beauty standards? But do foreigners see the same features in Chinese girls?

Sexy images of chinese girls

White Skin Some Chinese beauty standards are inspired by Western looks, but others definitely remain typically Oriental. In ancient China, only the rich people had a white skin because they did not have to work in the fields like the peasants did. The square face is sometimes considered the most attractive since the wide jawline enhances the look and the smile. Both westerners and Chinese agree on her beauty. Not everyone is born with a melon seed face or a goose egg face and nowadays, many girls even go through cosmetic surgery to change the shape of their face. But do foreigners see the same features in Chinese girls? Talk about a trailblazer!. Fan Bingbing is very famous in the cinema industry as she acted in many popular movies such as the blockbuster X-men: A very white skin is often considered sign of poor health, something that might surprise the Chinese the first time they come to a Western country. Two specific shapes are at the top of beauty ideals: Her body shape is very slim and her features are very delicate and thin. Can you guess what the second criteria in the Chinese beauty standard is? The white skin ideal can certainly be the weirdest Chinese beauty standard for westerners as they prefer being tanned than as pale as white jade. In fact, finding one without may be harder to find. Unlike Chinese girls, Western girls think that being tanned is a beauty standard. Can you guess what the most wanted body shape in China and all over the world is? Do you agree more with the Western or the Chinese beauty standards? Even if the oval-shaped face is very popular, according to a survey, the most attractive face for a girl is…. Days of Future Past Try it out and start learning it for free. Nowadays, Western girls often feel prettier tanned, and some feel it makes them look slimmer. A square face is considered very manly. We all know that Chinese girls have specific ideals of female beauty, but do foreigners share these ideals? In the Western world, we also tend to like people that are slim. What do you think about it?

Sexy images of chinese girls

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