Spontaneous sex positions

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This causes the g-spot and cervix to become much more open to stimulation during intercourse, it also makes the clitoris available for play so either you or your partner can caress you to an amazing climax. Sex is not something you learn by reading about it, to be honest. This position is a variation of Doggystyle.

Spontaneous sex positions

This allows for deeper penetration, self stimulation of the clitoris and a great visual for the recipient. What you do is: You can place your hands on top of your legs after your legs are far back enough to keep them in place. Sex does not always have to be romantic; it can be raw, animalistic and intense too. Your legs should be up, straight and spread wide. If you are not limber and up for some work, you might not want to attempt this one. If you want something new and are not afraid of some work, this one can be extremely sexy. This means that both parties can enjoy the pleasures of oral sex and to make it even more fun they can compete to try to get the other person to come first! This position stimulates the cervix and the G-spot. This is a definite position pleaser as it gives deeper penetration, stimulation of the g-spot and cervix and it shows off the primal sexual instinct that is inside your man! Everyone knows what the missionary is and it still remains a classic and a go-to position for many couples. The Best Sex Positions And Tips Of Or whether you bend over, pop your butt up as if you are in a hip-hip rap video and give him the view of a lifetime as you teasingly touch yourself, inviting him to enter you… Or whether you want to go into the kitchen, create a scenario with chairs and all that jazz… Whatever position you end up in does not matter because you will be too consumed with the experience. A man naturally uses a visual aid to help chase his orgasm and you can help him along by looking into his eyes, being really enthusiastic about doing oral sex and caressing his genitals and thighs while performing oral sex. This is perhaps the most talked about sex position. Where the man is kneeling behind the woman, who is on her hands and knees. His lower legs will be off the bed. Sex is not something you learn by reading about it, to be honest. This position can stimulate the cervix, g-spot and clitoris all at once and if you are keen to try the kinky side of things, using restraints on the wrists and binding them to the ankles suddenly transforms this sex session into bondage. He will be on top of you, using your shoulders as support. You can squeeze onto his hand and grip his hand tighter as the sex intensifies. The sensations he experiences will be surprising and intense. This is another popular and well known position, allowing the woman a more active role and allowing for more control over the angle of intercourse and for more stimulation of the g-spot and cervix. Grab his hair while he works his magic, moan, tell him how good it feels, wiggle your hips to show him how much you love what he does to you. The lovers allows for very intimate sex. The Pancake This one is kind of specific and I am simply mentioning it because it is out there as a good sex position to try. This position is a variation of the Yawning Stretch where instead of the legs being extended or bent at the knees, the woman rotates their lower legs until the guy can hold onto their ankles, which opens up the vagina and allows for deep penetration.

Spontaneous sex positions

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  1. He will respond to your energy. Once he is in this position, you get on top of him facing away from him.

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