Teenage sex kittens 8 xplor media

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They range from the young nymphette to the trashiest of white trash, to slightly above average looking. The first, second, and last scenes have the best, though. Whether it be in the editing or the directing this film is not a "5 star" in my book.

Teenage sex kittens 8 xplor media

The last scene features Tyler, The Coastal Girl. Anyway, skip over this stretch and the rest is great, and a couple of scenes in particular deserve repeated plays. The same could be said of scene 4 which starts right off with a strap on what's worse is that the girl seems so uncomfortable and awkward with it. It happens all the time. One of the other reviewers commented that the editing was poor and I agree. Overall an average to above average offering largely due to the first scene. Femfootman This video is about average in my opinion, which maybe is saying a lot after all, when compared to the glut of seemingly endless garbage in terms of lesbian videos on the market have you visited your local video rental outlet lately? Finally, after a change of positions, the girl at the receiving end looks like she is about to start giggling when her partner starts trying to get more into it. Monkeyboy I agree with Phathead that this is a surprisingly good amateur video. This one has five scenes which are all pretty damn good to be quite honest. The second scene features a pair of cute girls with beautiful cute butts. There was some very good oral sex in this scene and some good kissing primarily at the end which I wished would have lasted a little longer. There's way better which hasn't received this accolade. I do not believe one good scene is enough bang for my buck! Definitely a must-see scene, just not necessarily a must-have tape. I am someone who actually prefers the older lesbian theme so it is rare that I rave about this type of video. Realism also shows in the women's reactions to their lovers. It seemed the strap-onor was enjoying it more than the strap-onee??! The second scene is particularly memorable, and, for me, at least would be easily worth the price of the disc by itself: How natural is it if you see and hear next to nothing and suddenly the groans are loud and seemingly forced? As far as "amateur" goes I think it stands above most but definitely not a 5-star IMO. I thought scene number 1 was superior to the rest on this video, The girls a blonde and a brunette nice looking "girl-next-door" types really get into it in my opinion. It had two hot scenes, one fairly good scene, and two scenes that were fairly average but could have been better. I am not a big fan of toys or at least over use. I don't find it arousing to watch something for maybe 30 to 60 seconds and then the film cuts to some other activity, which is what the first three scenes were about.

Teenage sex kittens 8 xplor media

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