The billionaire and the mechanic

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Other than that, for a book written by a non-sailor for non-sailors, it's quite a decent one if you don't mind the typical journalist cum writer character descriptions and mind reading sessions on a background of carefully described and completely irrelevant pieces of landscape. You really don't get too much of the Mechanic, but hey, he was really just along for the ride. You can stand along the San Francisco shoreline, or walk out to the Golden Gate Bridge, or go to any number of vantage points along the waterfront and see it all up close. I find the engineers and builders to be brilliant, obsessive, and perfectionists.

The billionaire and the mechanic

This is a must read for lovers of sport, and particularly for sailors. I had gotten to know Norbert and thought he was just an amazing human being. But still, getting him to sign on to this book was my own Everest. I had interviewed Larry years ago and I think he was happy with the stories. That the sailor, Larry Ellison, is one of our contemporary captains of industry, the swashbuckling billionaire of the title. They waged a crusade that has lasted for nearly 20 years now. In this absorbing page-turner, Julian Guthrie tells us how they came together to make history. And This book took me a while to finish, but it was mainly due to interruption by other books that I was reading or writing. They make news for their daring escape from communism when they are picked up by Italian police off the coast of Italy. My only negatives, would be that it was a little over-written at times vivid descriptions of details that really didn't have any impact on the narrative, but showcased the author's literary abilities. Q You tell an amazing story about this car mechanic Norbert Bajurin. I'm a fan of non-fiction and Ms. I followed their impressive wins making it to the Louis Vuitton Cup finals , and their painful losses. Norbert is inspired by Larry. Who plays Larry and who plays Norbert? In our interviews, which lasted for hours at a sitting — with both of us amped up on too much green tea — Larry talked with me about an amazing array of subjects, from his candid take on his business peers and what he sees as a collective lack of wisdom among venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley. That boat is an exciting part of this story. On the other hand, being a non-sailor meant that I faced an incredibly steep learning curve to understand the races. For me, the story was always about the price you pay for going after your dreams. I have enough material for a second book. The author also did a great job interviewing Larry and some of the people around him, and transcribing their stories quite artfully and faithfully. I only had a year to report and write this, so it was a challenge to put it mildly. It is actually quite technical, and contains quite a few blow by blow descriptions of several match race prestarts and that's VERY technical , so the sailing bits appealed to me. The America's Cup is a very unique sporting event and the book did a great job explaining how the event is staged. This book is tirelessly reported and Guthrie has a rare writing gift to tie it all together into a work of literary journalism that reads like a thriller. America's cup, despite all of its many shortcomings, is doing just that.

The billionaire and the mechanic

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  1. The book then follows the unsuccessful cup campaigns at the and America's Cups, which resulted in their failure to become the US entry into the Cup. There were a million parts to this story.

  2. The Billionaire and The Mechanic is a wondrously detailed story, beautifully told, by a writer who understands both the intricacies of human nature and the immensity of the natural world. And what happens when they win?

  3. He shared wonderful and never discussed publicly stories about his best friend Steve Jobs and their walks together and talks.

  4. But still, getting him to sign on to this book was my own Everest. Norbert is inspired by Larry.

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