Ways to make husband feel special

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Make the two of you a fancy steak dinner at home, for no reason at all. Put his favorite candy and a nice note in his bag before he leaves for a trip. Free sites like Animoto. If he works on a computer for his job, learn how to give a hand and forearm massage.

Ways to make husband feel special

What fun ways have you surprised your husband in the past? Fall in love with his hobby. She, in a matter of seconds, turned something so hurtful into a moment of joy! But if I stop by the frozen yogurt shop without telling him, and then surprise him later in the evening right about the time his sweet tooth kicks in , then presto chango: Take your hubby on a passport adventure. Turn your husband gratitude list into a keepsake. Recognize his physical strength. King for a day. Who knows, you might figure out exactly why he loves it so much. She was standing in the tunnel waiting for her husband to come through. Ask him to do a mundane task like picking up milk from the store. On a night you have nothing planned, surprise him by having his favorite movie rented. Bring him coffee in bed when you wake up before he does. So if your hubby has something like that, this idea just might do the trick for your sanity and his happiness. Men are hardwired to want to lead and protect. What is his favorite breakfast? I know that goes against popular beliefs but there are times when he just wants to be held. Buy supplies to make fancy cocktails at home one night when you get home from work. Please share your thoughts and comments: Until tomorrow…make it a great day! There are millions of little things you can do to build your husband up and make him feel special. Nothing in the world will make your husband feel more like a man than knowing that you still want him. When he looks good, tell him! What would he love to see when he comes home? Lather him up and help him shave. And if he wants to go a little further, by all means…

Ways to make husband feel special

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  1. When he talks, really listen. Ask him to do a mundane task like picking up milk from the store.

  2. Sure, we ladies can run the boardroom and the carpool with equal aplomb, but only your man has strong, broad shoulders to put your head on and melts you when he walks through the house in the morning in a sharp suit and smelling all aftershave-y.

  3. Thank him for the knowledge and the skills he brings to the table in your family. Repair his beloved, well worn objects.

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